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The Importance of Being Lit

The light in me honors the light in you.  NAMASTE is often the ending and/or greeting in most yoga classes.  It's a beautiful reminder that we all have a light within us that should be celebrated! When I'm being my best self, the light I want to share with others doesn't just glow, it sparkles. Given the opportunity to acknowledge and cultivate the light within, I believe that all people can sparkle together!  That's one of my personal truths that may seem out there, but the pursuit of it makes me happy.  I'm happiest when I'm connecting in meaningful way with other people or with something deep inside myself.  What makes us truly happy is an expression of our destined gifts.  Through a practice of yoga I have learned to move from a state of reaction to the external world, to a state of introspection that allowed me to ask what truly makes me happy, what sparks my inner light. When I'm not worried about managing others expectations -what type of lifestyle I should have at this age, how I should look, which relationships are important, etc.- I finally have the stillness to answer the question of what makes me happy in MY own voice.  Happiness is a gift that shows us our purpose.  How beautiful would the world be if everyone would focus on what makes their light shine brighter and how they could share that light with the world?

WSSS -Amber

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