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Let's Get This Party Started!

Hello, love beam!

I am so excited that yoga has been a part of my life for over a decade, that I just have to share it!  For years now, my close friends have known that my "retirement plan" has been to move to some island and teach yoga and paint waterscapes on the beach for a living.  It was only fairly recently that I realized that I don't have to make plans for a far off, if/then happiness.  I can do what makes me happy right now!  I didn't figure that out until after I turned 30!  And while I don't need to speculate on who I'd be as a person if I realized that I was allowed to be happy in my body, in my present, when I was in my twenties, I do appreciate that it would have been beneficial to learn that lesson sooner.

I'm happy when I'm feeling strong (capable of anything I put my mind to). I'm happy when I'm feeling sexy (plugged into sensuous enjoyment). I'm happy when I'm feeling sparkly (fully lit inside and out).  And I am happiest when I'm sharing these things with others.  This is especially true when I'm sharing with people who are like me in that somewhere along the way the world said you aren't allowed to be these things; you're the wrong color, size, status, ability or whatever label to experience whatever makes you happy.  

Does yoga make me feel strong, sexy and sparkly? Why, yes.  Yes it does!  I am happy when I am practicing yoga and I want yoga to be a happy experience for those who practice with me.  In my classes, particularly during my beginning and ending meditations I do share some of my thoughts that I intend to add positivity to the people I encounter.  My intention with my in person yoga practice, as well as this blog, is to spread happiness.  I'm on a life-long journey to fulfill that purpose.  Come along!

With strength, sexiness, sparkles! 


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