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But why yoga?

I believe that your quality of life is directly affected by how good you feel in your own skin. One of the wonderful things about yoga is that it allows a space to truly sit with ourselves.  Through yoga we can explore details physical details of how our bodies work and how that can effect our mind and spirit.  Take for example smiling!  Generally we know that when you're happy you smile.  But science also teaches us that the physical act of smiling can cause happiness in that it has a positive affect on the brain by triggering the release of hormones like serotonin and dopamine.  If moving the handful of muscles in your face can have such a positive effect, then imagine what happens when you move your arms or waist or thighs! Yoga for beginners can seem unfamiliar and unusual to start, but with practice you'll learn how movement, mindfulness meditation and thoughtful breathwork can inform and enhance your everyday life.  It's worth giving it a try or ten!  



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