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Amber Brown

Yoga Teacher

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Meet Amber

Hi, I’m Amber!  I discovered my personal practice with yoga in 2007.  To cope with a series of life-changing events, I started looking for ways to improve my fitness. I did not realize at the time that I was only seeking one piece of a holistic wellness puzzle.  Thankfully, one of the classes offered at my local gym was yoga!

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After the energy of moving my body in new and fun ways, the stillness and peace found in my first savasana had me hooked!  Through the postures of my body - asana- improving my mood and mindset and through the stillness in my mind improving what I felt in my body, I found the beginning of what will continue to be a life-long love.  This love and happiness that I discovered within myself is something that I want to share with EVERYONE. It’s important that ALL people in ALL bodies, no matter the size, shape, color, ability or any kind of experience know that they have access to yoga.

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My favorite thing about yoga is the energetic conversation between mind and body.  This is why each of my sessions from private yoga to large events, from restorative to trap yoga and everything in between, all begin and end with mindfulness meditation.  I believe in the importance of sitting with ourselves, to allow space to unmute this ongoing conversation.

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Within these conversations, your body may be saying some interesting things after my more physical fitness based sessions.  But all of my teachings are based in a deep interest in the physical alignment of your body because that informs the happiness of your body.  All bodies deserve to be happy! I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga in ways that increase the happiness of all people in my reach. 


I hope that you will be one of those people.

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